Wednesday, June 27, 2018

México 2, Corea 1

I cooked before going to bed, I made my delicious potato salad, I served my dish with golden toasts that are unique and only sold in Navojoa, Son. Before, I had to bathe, because if not, I do not sleep, but I was going to watch the game. While Luis García, Martinoli and Jorge Campos commented, I eat and eat, as if I had been tied three days in a row. Oh, what a life and that's over! The selected ones warmed up, hey, how handsome is Memo Ochoa! He followed and continued the warm-up of Mexican and Korean players, he continued, he continued, he continued ... I fell asleep. It is not human to wait all night, to get lost from the game, when I woke up they were already wearing the MORENA shorts and the white camisole, before, I saw them combined, green and white. Thank God I opened my eyes, about ten minutes before the Koreans provoked the penalty. The boys dominated enemy territory, you know that Hirving Lozano is lethal on the left, one of the opposing players tried to deflect the ball, oh boy, with the hand no, no, he did not listen and the direct shot comes to us. Carlos Vela, tuned his studs, made them handsome, he very dashing, I want to tell my friends that they do not like the ball, that Vela more than Mexican, looks Indian (from India), or Arabic. Moreno, with a closed beard, big, deep, loving eyes, in other words: a Juan without Fear. You know that these shots are treacherous and even the best, you can grab the devil's leg. Thank God, this did not happen and the race could shout: Golllllllllllllll and they started singing in the stands and prayers in the houses. I was calm, or rather, drowsy, I would lie if I told them that I know at what moment Javier Hernández "El Chicharito" got the second goal, the only thing I saw, that I observed was that the trajectory of the play was so similar, as when Hirving scored against Germany, I know that if you did not see the game, he is going to demand the maneuver of Hernandez. The Chicharito, already with the aviada, makes a cut in front of the Korean defender and leaves him without possibility, he does it on one side and stands alone in front of the goalie, hear, a kick to that ball and with the speed that grabs the ball, crossed the opposite universe, a black hole was made, the ball was lost in the infinity of the network and Javier made his first goal of the world, fourth in his career. But this does not end here, the Koreans are not easy prey, naive yes, easy no. Son Heung-min, his star and yes he is a chosen one, he and his team fought until the last moment, Son, was, is a very dangerous opponent, if you think that Koreans are small, no. No, Son Heung-min is a tall man. They ran into a wall, a real wall, there was Carlos Salcido and he did not allow them to enter the territory of Memo Ochoa. However, Son and his fighters rushed, Guillermo Ochoa and his Albatros flight could not do anything, the ball traveled to the bottom, to the bottom of Mexican hearts, to the bottom of the Koreans, to the bottom of the Germans, yes, because I'm sure that all Germany longed for the Korean victory, to be less unbalanced in their group. Finally the whistle came, the Mexican team took the second triumph of the contest, the screams, the roosters, the cheers, and the hats, the cute Cielito, the other Mexican anthem fluttered among the fanatics of the organizations, strong, clinging to the throats of the believers, of the sublime, of those who saved for four years to travel to Russia to launch their cry: Viva Mexico Cabrones! Son Heung-min cried, in the middle of happiness, my sad little heart for the misfortune of the Korean player, he became smaller, then, big, big, big. However, he fell asleep, lulled by the comments of the boys of TV Azteca, channel 7. It is my chronicle, Denisse Coronado, Marimar Franco K. Gec Esquer Sarmiento

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