Thursday, June 07, 2018

Elia Casillas: If you have been in Navachiste, Sin

 If you have been in Navachiste, Sin. You know, he is aware that the gnats are unique, that he will remember the International Festival of the Arts and he will immediately associate the event with these little ones and it will return the itch. I want to tell you that they are not there, I do not know how they crossed two states, but here they are. Every dark, as soon as they perceive me, they cover me. If I write at this moment, it is because of the discipline, because of this job that brings me from where I am connected, this task that leaves me unprotected with these vampires. Now, at this moment I am a black spot sitting in front of the monitor, -so you must imagine me. When I walk, and water the plants, when I mud and even when I prepare the food, I am a mournful shadow. The only way to put them aside, the only way to give me a break is when I bathe and I can see how the blackened stain goes down the drain, and then, as soon as I get tangled in the towel, the dark Tsunami takes over me, I sleep with me However, as soon as I wake up, I do not see them and I think they will not return, but no, the night falls and they assault me, they surprise me, they attack me. We fumigated and I look for them in the day and the house is clean. Suddenly I get the remorse for the insecticide, -poor. This revenge is costing me, of this revenge I do not know how I'm going to leave.

Navojoa, Son. May / 24/2018

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