Saturday, April 21, 2018

The night of the Butterflies: Elia Casillas

I went to Alamos, the FAOT was going, people too. I walked with the artisans who make necklaces, bracelets, earrings and I ordered one of the girls a bracelet for my foot, I wanted a butterfly, the color: red and black. "I'm not going to do it." I looked at her strangely, days before we talked about it and she committed herself, I believed in her word. "Look, he's like you, he likes to dream, nobody like him to make you the butterfly" The boy approached, we saw the price. The next darken he handed me the bracelet. First I used it on my right hand, there I have another butterfly, this one is yellow, with black and green tints, I bought it from a Huichol, at La Manzanilla beach, Nayarit. I noticed that while I was using it, I had nightmares, someone was pulling my hand, and I was spinning around the room. At first, it was impossible to blame the butterflies, however, I separated them, the red one with black I passed it to the left wrist. One dawn, the crowing of the roosters woke me up, my sinister arm hurt, and although I did not remember the dream, I saw the curtains on the floor. Vaguely I watched myself circling and to stop myself, I tried to get hold of the draper, I did not dream, I was in a real kite. It's you, red, I said to the butterfly, the pain in my arm was already up to my shoulder, that's where the martyrdom began. I was not going to throw it away, so I placed it on my right foot, I thought that my acrobatics ended there. I've flown so much with her, that now I have to agree, because not every night we can go out, there are nightfalls that we are just shadows, then I dress in black and walk to the bed, of the rest, she takes care, I The only thing I ask of God is that one day they will not confuse us and think that the vampires came back and found me with a stake in my heart. Because there are bad people, yes there is.

Navojoa, Son. Apr./21/2018
1:08 a.m.

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