Friday, March 09, 2018

The Mucus: Elia Casillas

Has it happened to them that by rummaging through their nose, they find a mucus ...? I tried to pull it out, but it was on all sides of the large cartilage. When you have a huge nose, it is very difficult to reach a mucus. I began to feel anxious, my nail had already run uselessly in every corner without reaching it. Suddenly, he jumped, he went like a rocket aimlessly. I thought so, but no, no, no, the very cursed went up to heaven and fell on my face. I felt it in the cheek, I wanted to grab it but it spread, it became a sticky mask, it took hold of my eyes and it was stuck to my eyelashes, I could not open my little lights, I was going to scream, but how, if my lips were also stuck? I thought to remove it, rubbing the fingers on the skin, then, my face was rolled up to form a block. I took it off and put it on the side of the desk. Finally, resting, I went to the bathroom, dried my blood, and went back to bed thinking about the mess I was in, just for a tiny mucus, which grew into a nightmare that I intend to solve tomorrow, when I try to accommodate new my face, in a safer place.

2:16 a.m.

Navojoa, Son. Mar./6/2018

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