Saturday, July 01, 2017

FOR THIS HEBREW: Elia Casillas

You are the one who absorbs dreams

And you return nightmares,

Your blue bejuco is born on the heels

And he frames the seagulls of thought

There is a promise subjecting the legs,

Is the time of the dancing flower,

Let the vine follow the course

And drag us the thread walker in his madness.

My grief,

The melancholic side

Where I throw bits of this shadow,

Let's rip the craving,

A fiery firefly low,


Spur the blood

And I want suns,

     Fluorescent stones in the veins

Wobbling the pulse

And a bright skeleton in the moon's bun.

I need to run on your viscosities

And put flights to sex,

I am obsessed with this way of anointing affection,

This way to beat loving words of the


And to the instep,

I having fun robb your skirt at the night


Just to fall in love you.

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