Wednesday, May 17, 2017

FOR THIS HEBREW: Elia Casillas

I only belong to the animal of idleness,

this monologue that escapes without diction

drill, and lighted on a bronzed neck

requires a verb to inject logic

to this dismembered evil

in the glass of a tear.

Spiders historian your photograph

and the brain shatters gaps to see you,

the confinement in another mouth recognizes its madness,

in full court of law mortgages

and the voice finds acoustics

and breaks the meat that does not forget executioner

and bruises.

I do not listen and I refuse to kiss other sorrows,

I remove from the heart his vulture and questions,

You'll learn how to solve farces.

If he discovers the knife that challenges him

and the background,

where the lack of love is poured with his stylus.

it is not easy to guess secrets,

the dice jump in the reality of your landlord

and time does not give extensions

nor does it extend clues,

only send later

or earlier,

to the sarcophagus of this strand

while smoking my life.


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