Monday, March 20, 2017

Silence: Elia Casillas

If you look at this body silence only silence rooted as if a taciturn river lived in my thoughts. And that path suddenly hollow without end with its wandering figure without you And I with the chest broken in sighs In the passion of the earth I pick up their tracks to follow Their tracks are mine as the loneliness that left Because you put in every word humor and Coma brought wings and a cloud in his hands to fly resting on his moon Headed into the night I walked the twilight with escort of ghosts I searched his word in the darkness where the dream falls and in the ardor of the cats I discovered silver fire in the sky Ecstasy and salt on the skin you with me and without you Faithful to your laughter with the body I adjusted sunrises gunpowder and flesh in you Destination why hurry farewells with which hand you wrote goodbye urged to fill up book of malcontents or was one more of your jokes I do not find sun No avenue without you I'm a naked woman without me

Navojoa, Sonora. September / 25/2005

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