Sunday, February 12, 2017

Elia Casillas

Moses will not break your ocean, nor your cake, go, and do not wear umbrellas, just as the moon gives off lightning and flash ideas (it would be great, you say). Spectral is the avenue and you keep dreams in the basket of pins. Hey, the value of your leg.  Dance, God loves dancing, do not pray, for him your prayers, are shit.

Navojoa, Son. / Dic./19/2015

¿Have you ever dreamed of your patio full of angels? It is vigil, someone awaits and it is not your sky. What a shame, you can not cry, look for your lake and fill it with crystals. Oh, paper woman, you've lost yourself and this one: it was not your planet.

Navojoa, Sonora. Dic./18/2015

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