Friday, February 10, 2017

Angels of the desert: Elia Casillas

 Your angel will not know what you write, you changed the signs, just a novel and do not understand the script, the voice has changed you: just listen and recognize the cry that goes and leaves a gray wake in your ears. The protagonist and his nobody, demigod wretched out of nowhere. Again you do not understand, your characters have escaped and you no longer have blood in the inkwell. You shuffled the words and they no longer support you and you are looking, and you are not ... At last you reached your destination: woman at night.

Navojoa, Sonora. Dic./18/2015


The angel is not, study your ways, the feet slip, you can still do it, run, soon you will fall instantly and the clouds move in your favor: red wind, no two white dresses. There they wait for you, walks, disappears. Keep your cross, it does not work here.

Navojoa, Sonora. Dic./18/2015

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