Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Vivaldi is far. Elia Casillas

¿What will you do? I said I do not know Vivaldi is far. ¿Do you bring all your bags? Yes ¿Why do you talk about Vivaldi? Suddenly popped into my head. I feel that your notes are jumping between my eyes. You've changed. Yes, the deceased's oppress me day and night. ¿What dead? The deceaseds. Say the missing. No, the deads. They are not missing and murdered. You must have faith. My faith is not going to revive them. While not appear ... ¡I told you they are dead! You need rest. Yes, I need to die. Do not be pessimistic, something good will emerge from all this. No, this is a river without a warrant have you seen how many women have been massacred and do not give the criminals. Journal six female bodies and the government has shown no willingness to help. I agree, it's a bad time, but you always encouraged me, do not know what to tell you, I get to see you like though. Do not see me,  I do not want to see me. I keep reminding Vivaldi. Hmmm again Vivaldi. ¿Why Vivaldi? Because now that I think; they kill them his stations. For this reazon.
December 10/2014

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